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The emergency room visit after an accident is to address immediate injuries. However, you can have deep, hidden injuries after sudden trauma that can affect your health and your family’s future for years. Injuries can also become chronic if not treated properly. If you don’t see a chiropractor immediately after an accident, you can be risking your physical and financial health.

We have teams of specialists ready to help you get the treatment you need during this time of confusion and uncertainty. If you don’t know the next steps to take, call First Choice Accident and Injury Care, where we have the experience to guide you through the different choices available to you.

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ER and Immediate Medical Examinations are not Enough

No matter how minor an accident or how you feel afterward, injuries can appear days, weeks, or months after an accident, especially if you were given medicine to mask the pain immediately following. Soft tissue damage can appear long after an accident. A trained chiropractor will be able to diagnose your injuries even if you can’t feel or note them.

Do not close out your case too fast and miss out on crucial documentation to track your injuries and the care you need!

Suppose you let the insurance company close your case and you didn’t provide the documentation that injuries were a result of the accident. Now you can risk fighting a battle with the insurance companies that question the validity or source of your injuries. A chiropractor specialized in car accident trauma will provide a full workup, including examinations, x-rays, imaging, and other diagnostic tools needed to document the extent of your car accident injuries.

The Team You Need for Your Best Interests

The insurance companies have professionals on their side to protect their interests. You need an experienced and compassionate team on your side to protect you.

At First Choice Accident and Injury Care, our network includes A-rated attorneys to protect accident victims and get them the treatment they need. Get the care that goes beyond the immediate pain or trauma to diagnose and attend to injuries that could have life-long consequences. After an accident, you want to get back to your quality of living as soon as possible. The team at First Choice Accident and Injury Care puts you first to get you the treatment you need. Regain your flexibility, strength, mobility, quality of living, and everything else to get you back to your previous self before your car accident.

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