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Addressing Physical and Financial Concerns

First step: talk to a Personal Injury Doctor at First Choice Accident & Injury Care
It’s worth repeating: failing to see a personal injury doctor immediately following the event that caused your personal injury can have serious physical and financial risks. A personal injury doctor delivers the professional medical care you need to relieve immediate pain and symptoms caused by your accident. Equally important, he or she provides you with the documentation necessary to build a solid personal injury case. Without proper documentation from a personal injury doctor, you may not even have a personal injury case.

Don’t give them an excuse to say ‘no’.

Delaying treatment is the #1 reason claims are denied

Insurance companies love it when an injured person waits to see a doctor after suffering a personal injury from a car accident, slip and fall event or other cause. This gives them the opportunity to argue that since you didn’t seek medical care sooner, your injuries weren’t as serious as you claim. The longer you wait, the greater the chances that you won’t have a case.

Don’t hesitate: see a personal injury doctor right away! The doctors at First Choice can determine the extent of your injuries; detect those often hidden soft tissue injuries and start your recovery process right away.

REMEMBER: YOU PAY NOTHING! We Bill The At-Fault Insurance Company

An E.R. Visit is NOT Enough

While emergency medical care is absolutely necessary to address immediate life threatening injuries, it does not address ongoing issues, such as soft tissue injuries. It’s also important to note that pain medications prescribed by the ER doctor or primary care physician mask rather than address the primary cause of your pain. The Personal Injury Doctors at First Choice Accident and Injury Care have the specialized training and years of experience necessary to determine the root cause of your pain and provide the most effective treatment to relieve it.

Equally important is our understanding of personal injury claims. Our personal injury doctors can help address any concerns that a pre-existing condition might hurt your claim. They can take new x-rays and other imaginings for comparison to prove that your accident actually caused additional damage to the area.

Select an Attorney that Understands Your Needs

An experienced personal injury attorney is often necessary to help an accident victim resolve their medical treatment and injury settlement claim. First Choice Accident and Injury Care has established strong relationships with a network of A-rated attorneys who share our commitment to making you whole after a personal injury. These are legal professionals with a history of success at maximizing settlements and helping you get the money you deserve.

The Treatment You Need…The Compassion You Deserve

Your First Choice Personal Injury Physician administers a wide variety of treatment protocols that go beyond symptom relief. Our seasoned professionals employ tried and tested treatment procedures, using the latest medical technology in order to bring total and lasting healing. They are very intentional in helping you regain as much strength and mobility as possible. They’re also some of the most caring individuals you’ll ever meet. We take great pride in working with doctors who have a genuine heart for helping others.

Our treatments include: