From Clients that Received Auto Accident Chiropractor, Whiplash or Workplace Injury Treatments, Services and More

Accident Victims’ Premier Choice for Personal Injury Care

  • “​It is hard to find the right words to express my thanks to First Choice Accident & Injury Care. I received a call one ​Friday ​night that every parent fears. My son and his girlfriend were in a car accident. It was ​difficult​ ​for me ​not to go into panic mode but knowing they were alive​ helped me pull it together. ​After treatment at the ​ER, ​my son ​and​ h​is ​friend were still in​ ​pain​. I searched online and found First Choice Accident & Injury Care. I spoke directly to Dr. Jeffery. I described ​their pain in ​the​ lower back and neck areas. Dr. Jeffery​ ​immediately got them in to see a doctor near our home. As a doctor myself, in a different ​field, I was very impressed with the professionalism, follow-up, and compassionate attitude every time we spoke with First Choice Accident & Injury Care. I was also ​relieved that First Choice ​provide​d​ us​ with​ a​n A-rated ​Personal Injury ​Attorney to represent both cases (my son and friend). Thank you for the remarkable services your team provided to our family!”

    -Dr. Haskins

  • “Dr. Jeffery and his team were consummate professionals throughout the entirety of the aftermath of my auto accident. The Chiropractors I was sent to made sure they took the necessary steps to relieve me of my aliments and get me back to work again, all while constantly providing me information on things I would need to do going forward to remain pain free. The legal team is top tier, they exceeded every word of confidence that I was told during our initial conversation.


    Information is something I value and First Choice provided me with that as it relates to the practices and processes of the insurance companies before, during, and after an accident, as well as the legalities. The settlement I received was above and beyond what I presumed for my accident, which shows me that the legal team, along with Dr. Jeffery, value the honor in their words along with the well-being of their clients.


    I am beyond pleased to have worked directly with Dr. Jeffery and his team and would recommend them to ANYONE in need of their services. I’m sure First Choice will take great care of you during your time of need just as his team has done with me.”

    - Kenneth G

  • “Dr. Jeffery is one of the most amazing people to work with. His personable attitude along with his professionalism makes Dr. Jeffery a pleasure to be around. Most importantly, he is very goal-oriented and has an unstoppable drive for success. He is one of the most reliable people I know that always gets the job done right. Dr. Jeffery is a tremendous asset to the business world and he has my highest recommendation.”

    - Amanda A.

  • “The chiropractic, medical and legal team Dr. Jeffery has were attentive and completely available to me throughout my auto injury process 100%. If you ever encounter the unfortunate circumstances of an auto accident, give yourself a peace of mind by calling a true professional who cares about your health and livelihood.


    Dr. Jeffery has given every indication through his background, knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping me grounded despite my apprehension regarding my accident and therapy. Dr. Jeffery kept me on track during the recent financial decision especially with the going back and forth with the attorney’s major restructure which with his assistance was of an easier transition. I feel confident in recommending Dr. Jeffery’s expertise due to the fact that he was not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions regarding my claim and injury process.”

    - Leslie Gunn, MBA

  • “I have known Dr. Jeffery for over seven years. It is during this time I have found him to be a consummate, astute, and disarming individual, whose charisma and quiet confidence remains worthy of sincere recommendation. I have seen excellence exuded from Dr. Jeffery through his numerous presentations in the classroom, and continue to be impressed with his strong intellect and academic passion. A master of his art, he maintains an alacrity for invaluable tutelage and inspiration and will offer a kind word to those familiar to him, both near and far. Family man, noble statesman and true citizen, are some of the words that readily come to mind when analyzing such an interesting character. With this in mind, I unhesitatingly recommend him, and find genuine delight and appreciation in doing so.”

    - Dr. Duane Gordon

  • “I had the privilege of being trained by Dr. Jeffery. Dr. Jeffery is not only proactive, detail-oriented, and dependable individual, but also a true go-getter. His positive attitude is infectious and makes him a pleasure to work with. Dr. Jeffery is an incredible individual, entrepreneur, and visionary who has a passion for knowledge and teaching. Dr. Jeffery is a great asset to any company.”

    - Ashley Large

  • “I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffery Ryans and his team at First Choice Accident & Injury Care. I have recommended two people who have unfortunately been involved in accidents with trucks. I gave them Dr. Jeffery information and he made sure that they were taken care of immediately. First he made sure they were alright, then he patiently got them in touch with lawyers, doctors, and chiropractors to meet there physical needs.


    Dr. Jeffery has called to check up on them to make sure they are happy with the services they are receiving. He is professional and very detailed-oriented when it comes to working with people. Dr. Jeffery takes pride in his business and he is always reachable.


    I wholeheartedly would recommend Dr. Jeffery and his team. If you are ever in an accident or in need of the services that First Choice Accident and Injury Care offer and want to be treated first class then please call them. Again, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffery and his team, they are the best!”

    - Dr. Nadine Wheat

  • “Dr. Jeffery is a highly skilled and talented executive. He is professional and offers the best of both worlds as a mentor and leader. He will provide nothing short of First Class as his business trademark. Thanks Dr. Jeffery for being an inspiration to many.”

    - Al Franklin, City Councilman

  • “I have had the distinct pleasure of having Dr. Jeffery as a colleague and personal friend for over 20 years. I know him to be the consummate professional. Sharp, intelligent, personable, dedicated, sincere and trustworthy. Dr. Jeffery has always been a man of strong faith, who demonstrates an unwavering desire to help his fellow human beings. Conviction and sincerity are the foundation by which he lives. Dr. Jeffery, I am PROUD to call you my friend and I am a better man today for having you in my life. Thank you, Sir!”

    - Deano

  • “Dr. Jeffery is a consummate professional who’s passionate about winning. In working with him, I gained a new sense of what it means to be creative, focused, and a problem solver. He understands marketing, advertising, sales, and human behavior. Dr. Jeffery takes his work very seriously, adds tremendous value to his clients, and his team. Dr. Jeffery has my highest recommendation.”

    -Ramon Dees

  • “Thank you First Choice for being there for my husband and I when we really needed you. I was seriously injured in a car accident and transported to the ER by ambulance. Upon my release from the ER, I was referred to call First Choice Accident & Injury Care for follow up treatment. Talk about turning a nightmare experience into a pleasant one; First Choice immediately scheduled me for treatment. My doctors at First Choice were fantastic!!! Every time I went in for treatment they made me feel like I was their top priority (thankfully, my husband injuries were not as severe).


    I also want to give praise to the law firm First Choice recommended us to use. Throughout this process, the firm has been exceptional! If we are ever in need of personal injury care again, FIRST CHOICE is our ONLY CHOICE when it comes to our health and legal representation!”

    -Tia & Ray

  • “I’ve known Dr. Jeffery for over fifteen years now. Not only is he a top-notch professional, but personally holds himself and his team to the highest moral standards. Dr. Jeffery has provided my company with invaluable healthcare and legal assistance throughout the years and is always conscious and precise with his recommendations. He is a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services and consider him a trusted friend and colleague.”

    -Maggie Moser