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Whiplash Treatment: Physical Therapy for Whiplash in Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Decatur, McDonough GA, and Surrounding Areas

Whiplash Treatment: Don’t Settle for Second Choice Treatment

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First Trains, now Automobiles

A Brief History of Whiplash
Whiplash may be one of, if not the first recorded injury as a result of an automobile accident. However, their history goes back even further. Originally called ‘railway spine’, it was first reported back in the 19th century, as train collisions were fairly frequent. Since there was no visible sign of injury, the railroad would more often than not deny all claims as a result of railway spine (now known as whiplash).

The first documented case of whiplash due to an auto accident was reported in 1919. The name is derived from the whipping of the neck resulting from being struck in the rear by another automobile.

What is Whiplash?

When an auto is hit from behind, the neck experiences a whipping motion caused by being thrust forward then rapidly thrust backward, with the head striking the headrest. A whiplash injury can include torn or more than extended ligaments and tendons. Physicians refer to whiplash as a distortion of the cervical spine. Early cars didn’t have headrests and their introduction helped alleviate the severity of the injury. However, it is still a very prevalent injury.

Why Should You See a Doctor?

Today, whiplash is arguably the most controversial car wreck injury. All vehicles have either a headrest or some sort of built-in head restraint. However, improper adjustment of a headrest can result in elevated injury to the neck. Traditionally, there are no outward signs or any external injuries, although you may have a closed type injury or torn tendons, ligaments and muscles.

A First Choice Accident & Injury Care Physician can quickly and accurately diagnose whiplash as well as any other neck injury you may have suffered as a result of an accident. They can provide the medical proof and documentation you need to receive a favorable cash settlement. Our compassionate physicians provide the very best in physical therapy for whiplash, as well as additional treatments as required.

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At First Choice, Your Health is Our First Concern

When you’re suffering from whiplash, the pain can be extremely intense. It can rob you of your sleep and cause headaches, blurred vision, and neck stiffness. Oftentimes, you’ll experience pain in the shoulders and arms, dizziness and weakness. The experienced physicians of First Choice can determine if, in fact, you are suffering from whiplash or experiencing symptoms of a more serious issue, such as pinched or damaged nerves, damaged blood vessels and/or spinal joint injuries or fractures to the spine. Our doctor(s) will determine the right treatment for your whiplash. Should your injury prove to be more than a case of whiplash, they can provide the care necessary to alleviate your pain, restore mobility and prevent any lifelong injuries that can occur when little injuries aren’t treated promptly and properly.

Your First Choice Accident & Injury Care Physician will be happy to discuss the many available treatments options and tailor a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Never settle for second choice when it comes to your health. Trust the compassionate physicians at First Choice Accident & Injury Care.