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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over one million Americans suffer a trip, slip and fall injury each year. Slip and fall injuries make up 15 percent of all job-related injuries, which account for 12 to 15 percent of all Workman’s Compensation expenses. They can occur anytime, anywhere and include sprained ankles, slipped spinal discs, broken bones and head trauma. From slippery tile in a mall to damaged steps at a restaurant, it can be easy to find yourself on the floor unexpectedly.

You May Not Know How Bad You’re Hurt

When you take a spill, assessing your own injuries can be a mistake. Embarrassment, time constraints and/or other factors can result in a less-than-accurate self-diagnosis. In addition, many injuries aren’t immediately recognizable as such. This is the most common reason a slip and fall victim may choose avoid being seen by a medical professional. However, this can prove to be a serious mistake.

Many injuries aren’t immediately apparent, which is all the more reason to be examined by one of the medical professionals at First Choice. Our skilled and experienced doctors can quickly and accurately assess your condition, ensuring those little traumas don’t become BIG health problems.

First Choice Provides the Services You Need

Whether serious or minor, your injuries deserve the best possible treatment and the professionals at First Choice deliver excellence in slip and fall injury treatment. As one of accident victims’ preferred Injury Centers, we offer all the services necessary to get you back on your feet. From x-rays to rehabilitation services, spinal stabilization exercise programs to joint and soft tissue mobilization, as well as therapeutic massage, non-surgical decompression for herniated discs and complete medical care, First Choice is your full-service Accident Injury Center.

Protect Your Health…and Your Rights!

If you believe your slip and fall injury is the result of someone’s negligence, it is imperative to have accurate, professional medical documentation of your injuries. The physicians at First Choice Accident & Injury Care know what documentation you’ll need to support your case.

Prepare a solid defense for your claim

  1. Receive a diagnosis after the fall as soon as possible
  2. Follow your physician’s prescribed treatment protocol

Remember: if another party is liable for your injury,

YOU PAY NOTHING! We Bill The At-Fault Insurance Company

That means no out-of-pocket expense for receiving the treatment you need.