1. Fortunately, you are not in an accident everyday; however, the at-fault insurance company is, therefore, experience is not on your side.
  1. Although the at-fault insurance company will sound very helpful in the beginning, and even sometimes recommend you see a doctor, do not be fooled during these initial conversations. No medical bills have been presented to them yet; therefore, no money is being paid for your healthcare.
  1. So you are a victim in the accident (not your fault).  Don’t be a victim twice by accepting a small settlement from the insurance company before an accident injury doctor has evaluated you. Too many times we hear people (even grown men) cry over the phone because of the pain they are experiencing from the accident.  The mistake they made was trying to negotiate with the insurance company on their own, and accepting a small settlement check prior to getting evaluated by a doctor.  Even if you went to the ER, this is often not enough.
  1. If you were not at-fault, why should you have to worry about any medical bills?  The attorney who accepts your case should ensure the at-fault insurance company pays all your medical bills related to the accident.  Over 90% of accident cases are settled out of court.  However, if the at-fault insurance company does not play fair, your attorney can pursue them on your behalf in court.


  1. Everyday you are bombarded with TV commercials, billboards, online banner ads, radio commercials, advertisements on buses, and other marketing displays when it comes to personal injury attorneys.  The decision to select the right attorney can be overwhelming sometimes.  Of course, a friend or family member may also refer you to someone.  Decisions, decisions, decisions!
  1. We make it simple.  We already have a list of attorneys that are A-rated and have proven time after time to be the best in the industry.  Now is not the time for any guesswork when choosing a lawyer.

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The Roth Firm

Mabra Law

1-800-Truck Wreck

Bader | Scott Injury Lawyers

Van Sant Law

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group

Alexander Shunnarah

The Brown Firm

The Eichholz Law Firm

Cambree & Associates

Schneider Injury Law

The Graham Firm


  1. “I signed up with an attorney (not one we recommended) after my accident and I have not heard from them since.  I have called several times and I haven’t received a return phone call.”
    Solution:  If you are not satisfied with your attorney, do not feel it is too late to change especially if your case is less than 30 days old.  Call us and lets discuss how we can help you.
  1. “I cannot find a doctor that takes third party billing.”  No worries, we do!
    Solution: Call us now and we can help you immediately.
  1. “My attorney told me to find a doctor and I can’t find one.”  Unfortunately, this may be a red flag with the law office you chose to represent you.  The ugly side of the business is there are some attorneys, because of their billing practices, may not be acceptable by the doctor.  Therefore, some doctors chose not to work with these attorneys.
    Solution:  If this is the case, we can recommend you an Attorney that is in good standing with healthcare centers.
  1. “I had an accident before and I used an Attorney.  This time I do not want to use an Attorney.”  Obviously, this person may not have been satisfied with the outcome of their case.
    Solution: We only recommend A-rated law firms.  Please let us say that again.  We know exactly who the A-rated law firms are when it comes to personal injury.  We only recommend A-rated law firms to represent our patients.  It makes it difficult for you to get better stressing over your decision about legal representation and who to select.  We simplify the process for you!