Dr. Nadine Wheat

“I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffery Ryans and his team at First Choice Accident & Injury Care. I have recommended two people who have unfortunately been involved in accidents with trucks. I gave them Dr. Jeffery information and he made sure that they were taken care of immediately. First he made sure they were alright, then he patiently got them in touch with lawyers, doctors, and chiropractors to meet there physical needs.


Dr. Jeffery has called to check up on them to make sure they are happy with the services they are receiving. He is professional and very detailed-oriented when it comes to working with people. Dr. Jeffery takes pride in his business and he is always reachable.


I wholeheartedly would recommend Dr. Jeffery and his team. If you are ever in an accident or in need of the services that First Choice Accident and Injury Care offer and want to be treated first class then please call them. Again, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffery and his team, they are the best!”